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East Riding Sacks invests in new Bobst CI flexo press

By Tom Johnson, Thursday 28 August 2014

North Yorkshire-based East Riding Sacks (ERS) has ordered a new Bobst F&K 20SIX CS eight-colour CI flexo press to be installed early next year.


Bobst F&K 20SIX CS central impression flexo press

The new 1,300mm press, which can print up to 600m/min and features Bobst’s smartSet automatic impression and registration system, will join an existing F&K FP-16S at ERS’ Full Sutton print site.

According to the managing director Rob Mabbett, the Bobst printer was bought to boost capacity for existing products and to break into new markets.

“Some of the retail sacks that we cannot produce right, such as paper sacks for horse feeds, pet food and rice bags, is the market we want to go into; so sacks for general foodstuffs but of a higher quality,” said Mabbett.

“Our strength has been generally industrial sacks, but we want to go to retail packs for supermarkets and cash and carries, and we need this extra capacity to do that.”

He added: “The increase in capacity and quality will reflect on turnover and profitability.”

Mabbett added that ERS had chosen the Bobst machine for its fast set-up times and interchangeable rollers and sleeves with its existing F&K FP-16S.

ERS has a workforce of 130 and a turnover with an excess of £30m. The new machine was bought from Bobst Bielefeld through UK agent Edlon Machinery.

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MBO digital book finishing lines certified for use with Canon web presses

By Tom Johnson, Tuesday 26 August 2014

MBO Digital has partnered with Canon to offer 762mm and 508mm digital book finishing lines certified for use with the Océ JetStream 5500 and Océ ColorStream 3000 series digital web presses respectively.


MBO’s digital book finishing line for Canon’s Océ JetStream 5500 press

The digital finishing lines will output individual book signatures direct from the printed web and have been tested and certified for use with the Canon presses.

Robin Brown, national sales manager of UK distributor Friedheim International, said it was “quite rare” to find a digital finishing system compatible with a 762mm-wide web.

“There aren’t that many guys that can print that wide and there certainly aren’t that many people who can finish it either,” he said. “There isn’t really anyone else who can do a 762mm-wide cutting and sheeting line efficiently.”

The 762mm system (pictured) has been certified for use with the Océ JetStream 5500 and consists of a WT 770 web tensioning module, SVC 775C digital sheeter, EM 770 ejection module, DFT 780 buckle folding module I, DFT 780 buckle folding module II, and FA 66-ME delivery.

This combination allows the MBO finishing line to keep pace with the digital press running at a production speed of 150m/min.

The 508mm signature line is comprised of a dancer module, an RBF 520 web buffer station, SVC 521C digital sheeter, and DFT 560 digital buckle folder, and is certified for the Océ ColorStream 3000 series, including the 3200, 3500, 3700, and 3900 models, which offer printing speeds of between 48-127m/min.

To gain certification from Canon the MBO products had to go through stringent testing and were tried with different types of paper of various weights.

The 762mm line was tested with weights between 80-90gsm, while the 508mm line was tested with weights from 49-160gsm. The installation time for the machinery would take two weeks according to Brown, which includes operator training.

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By Tom Johnson, Wednesday 27 August 2014

POD Iberia, manufacturer of the MTEX range of dye-sub printers, has installed more than £200,000 worth of equipment at a demo facility in Glenfield, Leicestershire after setting up a UK subsidiary earlier this year.


MTEX Technologies has installed an MTEX 1800 and an MTEX 5032Pro at its new demo facility

The Portuguese firm set up MTEX Technologies in May. Managing director of the venture Stewart Bell is also managing director of its former UK distributor Digital Print Innovations (DPI). He heads up MTEX’s new UK sales, service and support arm.

The new MTEX Technologies Demonstration Center has recently taken delivery of POD’s two most popular machines, the MTEX 1800 (£65,000) and MTEX 5032Pro (£152,000).

More equipment including the MTEX TurboSub, MTEX 500C, the MTEX PAD, the MTEX Steamer and the MTEX Wash & Dry is due to follow.

Business support manager Rick Kwiecien said: “All the products will eventually be in there [the demonstration center] to give you the complete range.”

The MTEX Technologies Demonstration Center will allow potential customers to test products by printing what they want and is expected to give MTEX the ability to expand its user base in the UK.

Kwiecien said: “The direct-to-textile market in the UK is still relatively small. There are big players like House of Flags and Hollywood Monster that are producing a lot of the textiles [but] I think it will snowball and anybody who has aqueous or solvent solution will move into the direct-to-textile market, whether it be for furnished or signage products.

“It’s the way forward: it’s soft signage; it’s a lot more environmentally friendly than printing on to plastic and banners with solvents; it’s also much cheaper to move the finished article around. There are benefits for everyone.”

The center means that MTEX will no longer use DPI as its UK distributor, although DPI will continue to distribute products for manufacturers including Jetrix, Mutoh and Esko Kongsberg.

Simeon Wicks has been recruited as a new director at DPI to allow Bell to focus on his new role with MTEX Technologies.

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Heidelberg to run series of productivity training days

By Tom Johnson, Friday 22 August 2014

Heidelberg has launched a series of practical training courses developed to help print production staff boost productivity.


Murphy: courses will be hands-on

The paid-for courses, which vary in length from one to two days, will cover areas including workflows, productivity, colour management, coating and drying, press operation and post-press operation.

Heidelberg technical specialist John Murphy said the courses would be hands-on as well as theory based, and would allow delegates to put what they learn into practice on Heidelberg kit.

“We will describe, then demonstrate, and then let them do it. Then we let them do it again. It’s important that they do it more times than we say it,” said Murphy.

He added that one of the main benefits of the Heidelberg training was that it takes place in a “learning environment” and will be in small groups, ranging from five to eight delegates.

“Often training on site is often compromised by distractions. The main benefit is creating a quiet space to learn and enjoy yourself,” he added.

While the majority of the courses are targeted at production operatives, training is also available on Heidelberg’s Analyze Point for directors and production managers. The course aims to teach users to interpret Analyze Point data to help “affect change.”

All of the training, which will run from September to next February, will take place at Heidelberg’s demo centre in Brentford. It will be carried out by different in-house specialists. The cost is £820 per day, but Murphy said discounts are available for multiple bookings.

For more details, contact Heidelberg UK.

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